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Say less and cash me out.


DREAM; "Whatever the Man can conceive, the Man can achieve"

-Damion Dice 

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This is the it! This is the one that will change everything. Thanks to everyone who played a major part in this mixtape, Sample for believing in me. Klick for all the patience when I asked you to fix something on a final mix last minute. Thanks to Jevar for my always pumping out those amazing beats. Thanks to DJ Coolface, my dude for the guidance in an entirely new genre that we killed on that Pink Moon track. Thanks my Loving family and friends for all the support. Thanks for all the inspirations, the broken hearts and the make ups. Last but not least, thanks be to God for giving me this gift and for blessing me with life in it's abundance. I know you're gonna love this one so my advice is to share with overyone before it is no longer free to download. #100618 

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