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 Damion Dice is a Jamaican-born artist and songwriter. Dice was raised by mother Sharon for the most part in Falmouth Trelawny right on Thorpe Street, in the middle of the Wednesday market madness right across the street from over Dump. He then moved to live with his dad in Central Village St. Catherine a year after meeting him for the first time at twelve (12) years old. At a very young age, Damion Dice sought to escape his surroundings through his music. He began writing poems and song lyrics on any piece of paper he could find; this would include paper hats, his homework book, and even on his skin.


At the age of 14, he began battling other artist in school and in and around his community of central village. This eventually garnered the interest of many of his peers, producers, and record labels. Not one to work for a label Dice alongside his good friend Max da producer started Village Cage record label. The original roster was a group of their friends and former rivaling artist turned business associates. 


After a short run with Village Cage and gaining neighborhood fame, Damion Dice then went on a solo move which landed him in the heart of the Jamaican underground reggae dancehall scene. The Black Blintz banner was waving high behind his back. The scene took a turn for the worst in 2007 after the election that put the JLP in power. This made his garrison community of central village become a war zone. Not one to sit and do nothing Dice migrated to the US which then lead to a five (5) year absents to join the US Navy. During this time he would still write and record new music and upload them to Soundcloud and his youtube channel. 


After an Honorable discharge in April of 2017, Damion Dice the “veteran” is now internationally ready to hit the road hungry for the light. 







S.F.Y Music Group



Chevmar Entertainment

info@: 1-520-912-8606

Vancouver - Los Angeles - Atlanta - Toronto


Chevmar Entertainment

info@: 1-520-912-8606


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